tirsdag den 25. august 2020

PAKs Gallery during 2021 with Lotte Kjöller

I am proud to represent my art during the year 2021 in the PAKS Gallery locations.

Here i send you the plan of the exhibitions for the PAKS Gallery representation.

Exhibition: Contemporary Art. Artist and the vision.

Date: 8 January - 3 February 2021

Location: PAKS Gallery in the castle Hubertendorf / Austria

Exhibition: Artwork - the form of expression

Date: 10 February - 5 Juli 2021

Location: PAKS Gallery in Munich

Exhibition: Art - Another world

Date: 12 Juli - 23 Dezember 2021

Location: PAKS Gallery in Vienna

If you haven't sent your art yet, I'll send you the address here.

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