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Do Artmoney grow on Trees? Bank and sparemuseum. Copenhagen. Denmark. 11 september 2020 -21

 The challenge in this exhibition is that you, as an artist, freely express yourself visually around the Corona crisis in 10, time-specific artmoney. What does the artist experience in isolation? What thoughts does the artist have of how the world's leaders are dealing with the crisis? What does the artist think about life and death, togetherness and solitude, tranquility and longing in a time when everyone can risk infecting one another? What is "value" when society shuts down? Pay particular attention to one of the works, which is exhibited behind glass and possibly used in a catalog. The other 9 works will be for sale in a fun and interactive way that is still in the planning. We calculate that there is room for a maximum of 190 artists. Thus, there is a wide range of artistic expressions that the audience can reflect on, just as the pandemic (hopefully) is closer to an end, and we are slowly returning to everyday life. At the same time, there is a limit to the number of participants, so it is better to register quickly if you want to secure a spot.

The Book of Money:
Along with the artmoney exhibition, an interactive exhibition will be set up, which explains the concept of "money" and "value" in an educational way for young and old alike. This part of the exhibition is based on the recent, Danish publication: "The Big Money Book" by Nathalie Nystad.

A "money tree" is also being built, workshops and lectures will be organized and artmoney are put up for sale. The exhibition lasts almost a year, so there is ample opportunity for visitors to explore.

The Bank and Savings Museum, Overgaden Neden Vandet 11, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Bank and Savings Museum, collaborates with the Copenhagen Museum. You can read more about the museum here: https://www.kbhmuseer.dk/en/museum/the-bank-and-savings-museum/

Hent katalog: https://issuu.com/cathrinejuhl/docs/artmoney_katalog?fbclid=IwAR29Mx33DrqohHklQ6wbcyRZSriE1CyeucbvI9q0-sP8eZz-lIEuHI-dV0M

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